“Je me souviens d’une chanson”/ “I remember a song”

7. September 2015
Erkki Otsman

Program “Je me souviens d’une chanson” / “I remember a song”

The concert program is dedicated to the most important French chanson singer of the XX century on the 100 years anniversary of Edith Piaf. In the program we recall with the songs the great moments of her life.
Erkki Otsman has been the member of the association “Les Amis d’Edith Piaf” already for 20 years holding the memory of the well-known singer. He has participated in concerts organized by them and is the prize winner of the song contests.
Performers: Erkki Otsman (song), Jaak Lutsoja (accordion), Andranik Kechek (piano), Tanel Liiberg (countrabass).
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